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I'd love to help you refine and expand your techniques for a faster, flawless, longer lasting makeup application.

If you're interested in attending the next public workshops, I'd love to get your input on which ones I should run next.

Leave your details for queries below, or subscribe for news at the bottom.

Johannesburg, South Africa - can arrange for travel to areas outside the Gauteng Region

​To keep focus on individual attendees, group makeup workshops are limited to 10 people per session. 

Less focus intensive workshops or demonstrations can be arranged for larger groups.

Rates are dependant on group size and workshop selection. Enquire below for a quote on your needs.

Short days (3-4 hours): R900 - R1200 pp

Long days (5-6 hours): R1100 - R1800pp

Subject to change

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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