Face to face workshops are on hold until social distancing regulations soften, but you can still do a group or private online lesson focusing on all aspects of your makeup application, depending on your skill level and needs.


You will receive discount codes for the majority of the products that will be used for demonstration, which you can use to order products online for delivery before the workshop, or afterwards. Once a workshop is confirmed, you'll be contacted to discuss what products you have and what you might still need, so you're prepared for the session.

Each MakeUpSkill Online Workshop Includes:

An illustrated, detailed booklet with space to take notes

Live demonstrations, active adjustment and correction on all techniques

Discount codes on the main makeup products used in the workshop

Short days: 2-3 hours

Long days: 4-5 hours (with a break)

In Person Workshops will Also Include:

Use of brushes, pens and coloured pencils

Use of all makeup and skincare products needed

All disposables and washables - tissues, cotton pads, (paper) cotton buds, wedges, mascara wands

Short days: 3-4 hours

Long days: 5-6 hours (with a break)

Attendees also gain access to a Facebook Support Group after the workshop, to share progress, problems, recommendations and questions with Tiffany and other members, as well as receive news about member-only discounts on public workshops in the future.

​To keep focus on individual attendees, group makeup workshops are limited to 10 people per workshop.

Less focus intensive workshops or demonstrations can be arranged for larger groups.

Gift vouchers available - enquire







Short days (3-4 hours): R900 - R1200 pp

Long days (5-6 hours): R1100 - R1800pp

Rates are dependant on group size and workshop length. Enquire for a quote on your needs.



Bridal Party

Short Day

If you won't be able to have a makeup artist with you on your Big Day, you could always train your ladies up on how to do it themselves while spending quality time together in a group makeup workshop. We'll create a beautiful makeup look personalised to your theme and the average skill level in the group that will suit everybody's faces perfectly. You could even arrange their makeup brushes or products as a functional bridal party gift that will remind them of the day every time they use it. Available as a private lesson for brides too.

Customise a Workshop

Short/Long Day

Did something go unmentioned?

Get in touch to discuss any particular

look or skill set you would like to learn in

a personally curated long or short day.

Date Night Makeup

Short Day

A less focus intensive, classic evening

look that works on everyone - natural

skin preparation and perfection,

basic contouring, a soft, brown,

buildable smokey eye, fluffy brows

and different statement lip techniques,

even for those who don't really like

statement lips.Skill level: know a bit and want to focus on blending techniques.

Skin perfecting for a naturally

enhanced finish

Basic contouring and face framing

Borderless eyeshadow blending

for a natural, buildable eye

Balancing the eye shape using

darkness and shimmer

Quick, fresh brows

Statement lip techniques for everyone

Ready For More

Long Day

For those who have mastered various basic techniques and can wield a brush quite confidently - complexion perfection, flawless contouring techniques, different brow finishes and textures, advanced eyeshadow techniques, liquid liner for every eye and techniques for fuller, more defined lips.

Contouring and skin perfecting for natural results

Demystifying the smokey/dark eye and getting it to work

Liquid eyeliner solutions for everyone

Lip enhancing and defining

Perfect Smokey Makeup

Short Day

All the secrets on how to achieve a perfectly blended, balanced

smokey eye that flatters your eye

and face shape, and how to balance

the rest of your application to

work effortlessly with it. Similar to

Date Night Makeup, just a stronger,

more defined eye, and less focus

on lips. Skill level: Confident with

a blending brush.

Skin perfecting for a naturally

enhanced finish

Basic contouring and face framing

Building a smokey eye

Balancing the eye shape using

darkness and shimmer

Quick, fresh brows

Quick lip defining

Five Minute Face

Short Day

Quick, effective techniques to get it

done as fast as possible - how to look

less tired and more refreshed, and

how to highlight your favourite features

in a flash. All skill levels.

Quick skin correcting

Brightening and shaping the face

Quick high impact eye makeup techniques

Brow grooming

Lip products and application

Layering of products for time optimisation

Makeup 101

Long Day

The closest thing to a classic

makeup workshop here - the how and

why on skin prep and perfection,

basic contouring, eyebrows and

the foundation principals on

how eyeshadow placement restructures the eye. All skill levels.

Analyzing your skin and preparing for makeup application

Foundation application and colour correction
Basic contouring, blusher and highlighting

Eyebrow shaping and filling

Core eyeshadow principles – day to night
Basic eye lining – pencil and eyeshadow

Basic lip balancing

Men's Grooming

Short Day

Makeup is for everyone, and men can

also look natural and put together with minimal product. All skill levels.

Naturally covering up pimples, scars and bruises (even black eyes) 

Neutralising sunburn and other colour issues

How to minimise shine through the day

Basic skin care

Basic beard care

Brow grooming